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 Land Rover Colour Chart (1)

Please Note:
In view of the difference computer monitors display colours I will not be held responsible for colours that appear inaccurate when chosen from paint suppliers. This Colour Chart represents an approximate guide in displaying colours with the sole purpose of identifying codes represented on the vehicle.

Shetland Beige Venetian Red
Rowan Brown Trident Green
Stratos/Tasmin Blue Derwent Blue Met
Balmoral Green Arizona Tan
Slate/Cambrian Grey Ivory/Chamonix/Davos White
Astral Silver Met Savannah Beige Met
Caspian Blue Met Cypress Green Met
Sahara Dust Sand
Masai Red Russet Brown
Bahama Gold Lincoln Green
Bronze Green Light Green
Tuscan Blue Marine Blue
Mid Grey Arctic White
Limestone Vouge Blue Met
Nevada Gold Met Sierra Silver Met
Arrow/Portofino Red Cassis Met
Cairngorm Brown Mica Eastnor Green
Trocadero Red Mica Shire Blue
Colorado Silver Met Arran Beige
Beluga Black Alaskan Blue Met