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 Saab Colour Codes

Please Note:
In view of the difference computer monitors display colours I will not be held responsible for colours that appear inaccurate when chosen from paint suppliers. This Colour Chart represents an approximate guide in displaying colours with the sole purpose of identifying codes represented on the vehicle.

Arctic White 306 Black 170b
Ice Blue Metallic 304 Electric Blue Metallic 305
Nocturne Blue 290 Lazer Red 278
Fusion Blue Pearl 300 Parchment Silver 293
Jet Black Pearl 298 Snow Silver Metallic 309
Pepper Green Metallic 307 Polar White 283
Steel Gray 279 Titan Gray 306
Smoke Beige 295 Amethyst Violet Pearl 258
Ant Grey matt Metallic 176 Aubergine Pearl 241
Berry Green Metallic 226 Carrara White 233
Cayenne Red Pearl 256 Cherry Red 214
Chilli Red 294 Imola Red 240
Cirrus White 153B Citrin Beige 227
Cosmic Blue Pearl 264 Diamond Silver Metallic 315
Dolphin Grey 287 Edwardian Grey Metallic 204B
Embassy Blue 198G Espresso Black 289
Eucalyptus Green Metallic 235 Frost Green Metallic 271
Glasier Blue Metallic 291 Glasier Silver Pearl 313
Glass Dark Gray Metallic 311 Graphite Pearl Green 288
Java Black 253 Rhodon Red 213
Hazelnut Metallic 286 Iridium Blue Metallic 220
Le Mans Blue Metallic 229 Lightning Blue 270
Lime Yellow 292 Malachite Green Metallic 205G
Merlo Red Pearl 284 Midnight Blue Pearl 257
Monte Carlo Yellow 231 Nova Black Metallic 248
Odoarda Grey Metallic 223 Platana Grey Metallic 228
Rose Quartz Metallic 202H Rubin Red Metallic 242
Scarabe Green Metallic 230 Silver Metallic 268
Sky Blue Metallic 252 Sun Green Metallic 273
Talladega Red 219 Java Pearl 317