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 Sealers and Safety

Sealers or isolators are used on suspect paint areas liable to react or craze when applying a fresh or new coat of paint to a surface.

If not sure it's easier to seal the area first and avoid a reaction later, Sealers or Isolators can be sprayed onto any surface.

Sealers usually are alcohol based preventing Cellulose or 2 pack paints from softening or reacting with an unknown paint surface including Synthetics.

Sealers are also used to seal or isolate colours that tend to "bleed through" even after several layers of paint have been applied. Red and Orange colours are generally called Bleeders.

BARCOTE by U-pol is alcohol based and ready to use straight from the tin no thinning necessary.

PPG's own brand of sealer does require thinning also alcohol and isobutyl based. Both require spraying.

TOP TIP use an old spray gun if possible when spraying sealers, sometimes the sealer can be quite difficult to remove without the appropriate alcohol solvent.

Health and Safety

As with all paint products safety rules apply and should be observed. Remember most paints are Toxic and Flammable.

Breathing apparatus should be used on two pack systems and a suitable mask worn when spraying Acid Etch primers.

Two Pack Activator contains Isocyanates, Xylene.

Two Pack Thinner contains Tolulene, Ethoxyethanol.

Two Pack Clear Lacquer contains Xylene.

Cellulose contains Tolulene, Xylene, Methanol.

Synthetic Coachpaint (Tekaloid) contains mainly genuine Turpentine.

Always keep lid or cap fastened to avoid moisture absorption and crystallisation of product.

Adequate ventilation required for all products.

If in doubt read the accompanying leaflet supplied with product or just ASK.

Click HERE for more Health & Safety information