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 Hamilton Paint Brushes and Rollers


Hamilton Acorn has been manufacturing top quality paint brushes since 1746 and the Hamilton brand has always represented the very highest quality and performance.

Hamilton does not only have unrivalled heritage and experience in the manufacturing of high quality brushes, it is also constantly looking to the future and developing its technology and its products to ensure that its range remains the very best available.

It is this continuous development that led to the launch of the most advances synthetic brush in the UK, the Hamilton Perfection Gold and most recently to the addition of the latest synthetic brush in the Hamilton range, the new Hamilton Silver.

Hamilton Silver

Specially formulated with advanced synthetic filaments to give a superb finish with all types of paint. It is becoming increasingly important that a comprehensive range of synthetic brushes are made available for two reasons;

Firstly, the quality and availability of the natural bristle used in Hamilton professional brushes is diminishing rapidly as the only source, China, farms the hogs more intensively and more rapidly to feed their booming population.

Secondly, as water based coating become more widespread and indeed mandatory for certain types of work such as local authority work, it becomes vital that brushes which can cope with these coatings are made available. The fact that natural bristle brushes clog and can leave tram-lines in water borne coatings highlights the need for professional quality synthetic brushes such as Hamilton Silver.

Hamilton Silver has been extensively tested with professional decorators, with all types of coating and on all types of surfaces, to ensure the high levels of performance demanded of Hamilton brushes.

Features and Benefits

Tipped and Flagged

  • Prevents tram-lines or brush marks
  • No working in required
  • Smooth even finish in all types of coatings

Special Formulation

  • Good paint pick-up
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Good Paint release
  • Fast, even spreading rates in all coating
  • Maintains a chisel-edged head shape
  • Easy to clean

Reverse Bevel Forming

  • Preserves head shape
  • Excellent for cutting in
  • Soft-tipped to the base of the bevel for an extra smooth finish

Sealed Beech-Handle

  • Hard wearing
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable to use

Stainless Steel Ferrule

  • For rust resistance
  • Strong and durable


Hamilton Silver has been performance formulated and is exclusive to Hamilton Acorn. The filaments used have good abrasion resistance, will retain their rigidity in water and will continue to have a soft tipped flag throughout the life of the brush.


Following considerable development, the optimum blend of different filament types, for each size of brush in the range, has been selected to give good paint pick-up, good paint release and fast, even spreading rates in all coatings. In addition the filament chosen are quick and easy to clean.


Using a process which is unique to Hamilton Acorn the head is tipped, flagged and softened in a way which ensures the perfect finish without any need to work the brush in, so the brush is ready to use for top quality work from new.

Brush Use

Hamilton Bronze Silver and Perfection Gold brushes are recommended for use with all water based and solvent based coatings including primers, undercoats, gloss, varnish, stains, enamels, emulsions and masonry paints.

Brush Care

The Hamilton Silver brush is easier to clean than natural bristle, simply clean the brush in the following ways: Solvent Based Coatings

  • Remove excess paint material from the brush
  • Use recommended thinners to remove all paint material from the brush
  • Wash brush head in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  • Allow brush to dry naturally
  • Storing the brush in the plastic wallet will help preserve its shape

Water Based Coatings

  • Remove excess coating from the brush
  • Wash brush head in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  • Allow brush to dry naturally
  • Storing the brush in the plastic wallet will help preserve its shape

Hamilton Perfection Gold

Performance formulated for excellent results with all water based AND solvent based coatings, the only brush with Britolon™, the best features of natural bristle in an advanced synthetic filament.

Hamilton has been manufacturing top quality decorating tools since 1811 and the perfection range has always represented the very highest quality and performance, recognised by professional coach painters and decorators throughout the UK. Until now there has not been a paint brush that performed to the same high standard in both solvent and water based coatings. Hamilton Perfection Gold with its unique benefits has changed all that.

Bristolon™ Construction ordinary synthetic filaments are extremely smooth unlike natural bristle which has a rough, tree bark like surface. Bristolon™ is unique as it is manufactured, using patented process, to ensure its surface structure resembles that of natural bristle-vital for coating pick-up and controlled delivery.

Bristolon™ Formulation by carefully blending Bristolon™ of differing lengths and by using a mix of polyester and nylon, an optimum performance level can be achieved. This technique has been used to create a unique formula for Hamilton Perfection Gold so that it is suitable for the many types of coating available in the UK.

Bristolon™ Finishing the tip of every filament is shaped to a fine point ensuring an unrivalled, smooth finish across the entire width of the brush.

Hamilton Bronze

Features and Benefits formulated with high performance synthetic filaments to give a smooth, even finish with all types of paint.

Performance Formulated

  • Ensures good paint pick-up and release giving a smooth, even finish with all paint types
  • Longer life span than equivalent natural bristle brush
  • Good head shape retention

Tipped and Flagged

  • Prevents brush marks and tram lines
  • Gives a smooth even finish with all paint types

Polypropylene Handle

  • Hard wearing
  • Solvent resistant
  • Comfortable to use

Stainless Steel Ferrule

  • Strong and durable
  • Rust resistant

Hamilton Bronze has been developed to deliver a competitively priced high quality synthetic brush. The specially formulated head provides excellent results with all types of coatings and the hard-wearing polypropylene handle ensures an attractive price.

Hamilton Namel-var an extra thick oval bevelled brush with softer natural 100% pure black China bristle with a seamless ferrule, this brush is specially formulated for applying varnish and stains. The oval shape is ideal for use on concave or convex surfaces.

Hamilton Perfection is a thick bevelled paint brush with a firmer natural 100% pure black China bristle with a stainless steel ferrule, this is a general purpose brush suitable for gloss or enamels. Hamilton Perfection is the brush professional coach painters and decorators prefer and to ensure it remains the number one choice Hamilton Acorn are constantly seeking ways of improving its performance. This has led to the development of a revolutionary new process, Thermoset™: following benefits and allows Hamilton Acorn to guarantee that for the life of the product, the head of the brush will remain secure within the ferrule.

This process provides optimum bonding of the head to the ferrule ensuring complete security of the head, allowing the removal of cumbersome nails at the top of the ferrule, making the brush more comfortable to use and allowing the guarantee of head security. In addition Hamilton Acorn have enhanced the natural bristle formulation for even longer life and a finer finish than ever before.

The traditional benefits of the Hamilton perfection brush are retained and include:

  • Satin tipping of the bristles for a perfectly smooth, even finish
  • A unique blend of pure black China bristle for optimum pick-up
  • Stainless steel rust resistant ferrule
  • Barbed nails through handle and ferrule for handle security
  • Natural wood handle protected by a special coating


The Hamilton perfection premium performance rollers, combine the latest techniques in woven fabric manufacture with the Thermobond™ process, to produce an unbeatable range of rollers for the professional coach painter or decorator.

Hamilton Perfection premium performance rollers feature:
Performance formulated woven fabric, combined with enhanced finishing techniques giving:

  • Excellent pick-up, up to 30% better than standard rollers
  • Fast, even coverage
  • Ease of use, less pressure is required than standard rollers
  • Reduced fibre loss
  • Easier cleaning

The unique Thermobond™ process, heat fuses the roller fabric to the core, and hence:

  • Solves the problem of fabric unwinding even when soaked in water or aggressive solvents
  • Ensuring longer life than ordinary rollers

Roller Range

Short Pile For use with emulsion paints, primers and sealers on smooth surfaces.

Medium Pile For use with emulsion paint, epoxy and polyester resins on semi-smooth to semi-rough surfaces.

Long Pile for use with emulsion and masonry paints on rough surfaces.

Sheepswool for use with masonry and emulsion paints on extra rough surfaces.

Sheepskin for use with masonry and emulsion paints on extra rough surfaces.

Simulated Mohair for use with solvent based coating including gloss, eggshells and varnishes on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces.

Glosser for use with solvent based coatings including gloss and undercoats on smooth surfaces.

Cleaning Instructions

Solvent based material

  • Immediately after use, rinse out in the appropriate solvent to remove the material. Then wash in warm soapy water, rinse well in clean water. remove excess water and stand on end to dry.

Water based material

  • Rinse out immediately after use with clean water. Remove excess water and stand on end to dry.

Brush information kindly supplied by Hamilton Decorating Tools