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  New Land Rover Colour Chart (2)

Please Note:
These colours have been colour picked from various sources but in order to gain more accurate colour definitions the colours are represented as palette values. However, because computer monitors and web browsers generally show different colour values, I will not be held responsible for colours chosen incorrectly.
The Colour Chart represents an approximate guide in displaying colours with the sole purpose of identifying codes represented on the vehicle.

HM Coastguard colours Oxford Blue and Primrose Yellow in Tekaloid paint format:
Tekaloid Oxford Blue BG18 A06.
Tekaloid Primrose Yellow BM81 344.

Please note: Do not confuse British Standard "Oxford Blue BS.381C/105" with Tekaloid "BG18 A06 Oxford Blue", They are two completely different colours.

Primrose Yellow however does happen to be a British Standard colour in the BS.381C colour range BS.381C/310.

Special thanks go to HM Coastguard employees visiting Hoylake lifeboat station open day (Wirral) for providing the Coastguard colour information.

Please note: NATO Lightstone and NATO Green are not standard Land Rover colours, These paint colours are only available from Anchor Supplies

HM Coastguard Bluecoastguard HM Coastguard Yellow
NATO Lightstone NATO Green
Bronze Green 1 A A yellow
Bronze Green 2 Epsom Greenepsomgren
Shire Blue Green Kent Green
Brooklands Green Coniston Green
Eastnor/Eskdale Green Trident Green
Monte Carlo Blue Oslo Blue
Marine Blue Arles/Windjammer/Pacific Blue
Calidonian Blue Cobar Blue
Icelandic Blue Limestone
Arran/Pebblestone Beige Savarin/Alpine White
Davos White Chawton White
Alveston Red White Gold
Masai Red Rutland Red
Corallin/Portofino/Arrow Red Astral Silver
Ionian Blue Mica Blenheim Silver
Avalon Sahara Dust
Agean Mica Caspian Blue Mica
Zanzibar/Colorado Mica Pembroke/Pennine Grey
Cambian/Slate Grey Niagara Grey
Bonatti Grey (Tomb Raider) Kinversand
Caracal/Beluga Black Java Black
Vesuvius Orange (RR Sport) Maya Gold