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 Where to order Coachpaint

HMG Synthetic (Alkyd) Coach Enamel
Turners Trade Paints Limited
Unit 1
Advance Business Park
Burdock Close
WS11 7FG
Tel: 01543 577168

Link to Turners Trade Paints website

Turners Trade Paints sell synthetic Coach enamel, Colour matched Aerosols, Cellulose products and all manner of paint sundries.

There are two companies in the UK that supply Tekaloid paint and Varnish.

The Avenue group can be contacted via E-mail at avenue@avenue-group.co.uk or by Telephone on 01753 686 888.

Breakwell's Paints can be contacted via E-mail at enquiries@breakwellspaints.co.uk or by Telephone on 01922 400 444.

Link to The Avenue Group website

Link to Breakwell's Paints website

Unfortunately the Avenue and Breakwell websites do not carry information on coachpaint.